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Friday, April 25, 2008

Genesis - Summer Nights

A favourite of the bootleggers, this final concert of the stadium leg of the "We Can't Dance" tour received much exposure world-wide. It received live air play on BBC Radio 1 in the UK and also in Germany on SWF3's "Liverock" station. In addition it was broadcast twice on Sky One in the UK and was shown via satellite TV in various other countries. A futher TV rebroadcast was on UK Gold in 1993, but marred by frequent adverts. Genesis were firing on all cylinders and turned in a wonderfully energetic performance, though this comes over much more strongly on video than from sound alone.
The first of the two original UK TV broadcasts was live on the air and the technicians had some problems with the sound mix. For all shows on the We Can't Dance tour, the main concert mix was provided by a Midas XL3 desk. Using direct and auxiliary outputs from this desk feeds were sent to a Mackie 1604 rack desk and a couple of microphones pointed at the audience. Broadcasting companies could tap into the Mackie 1604 and produce a stereo mix independently of the main board, tailored to their own requirements and capturing crowd noise for a more authentic live sound. In the event, for the Knebworth show, the crowd were too high in the mix and the microphones were placed too far back and pointed at the PA instead of the audience!
Sound on the second broadcast (a few days later) was better, suggesting that the recording was doctored afterwards. For this to have been technically possible, the BBC must have made a multitrack recording from the Mackie 1604 independently of their live stereo broadcast mix, allowing them to produce a different stereo mix in a studio prior to rebroadcast. There are several good bootleg CDs of this show including a sneaky release which attempts to beat the competition by advertising itself as "Espace Grammont, Montpelier, 20th July 1992" [WN-EG 3-PC 12.1-2 - 2CD]. One to go for is "Summer Nights" [Kiss The Stone KTS 106-107 - 2CD] due to excellent CD mastering, though some of Phil's song intros are missing. Another fake liable to cause confusion is "But You Can Dance" [Dead Dog Records SE311 - CD] labelled as "Live Switzerland Radio" and attributed to St. Jakob Football Stadium, Basel, Switzerland 26th July 1992. Very probably, this was recorded from a Swiss broadcast of the Knebworth gig, as evidenced by the inclusion of a Swiss announcer on the CD. A couple more strange ones are "We" [Alien Sound Music] and "18 Million Dollars To Dance" [German records Gen CD 0.17 - CD] which have songs from earlier tours mixed in haphazardly. Also circulating are a great CDR transfer of the BBC Radio broadcast caught on VHS video soundtrack, and a definitive DVD version using the same soundtrack synced with a PAL video from the TV broadcast. The National Sound Archive lists a VHS cassette with sound only from the live BBC Radio 1 broadcast, presented by Anne Nightingale, where listener's record requests are followed by the Knebworth 1992 concert.

Land of confusion
No son of mine
Driving the last spike
Old Medley
Throwing it all away
Fading lights
Jesus he knows me
Genesis - Knebworth August 2, 1992Home by the sea/Second home by the sea
Hold on my heart
Domino Part I
Domino Part II
Drum Duet
I can`t dance
Tonight, tonight, tonight
Invisible touch
Turn it on again

LOCATION / VENUEKnebworth  DATE02–08–92

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