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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Quiet Riot with Randy Rhoads - Live at the whiskey

By the time Rhoads was 14, he was in a band called Violet Fox (after his mother's middle name, Violet). Rhoads taught his best friend Kelly Garni how to play bass, and together they formed Quiet Riot when Rhoads was about 17 (according to Rhoads' mother). Kevin DuBrow auditioned for vocalist in Rhoads' kitchen after he convinced Rhoads and Garni to give him a chance. The drummer, Drew Forsyth, was already in the picture and had periodically played with Rhoads and Garni in the past. Around that same time Randy began teaching guitar in his mother’s school during the day and playing with Quiet Riot at night. Originally called "Little Women", Quiet Riot got their "new" name from one of Kevin’s friends from the band Status Quo. Quiet Riot were quickly becoming one of the biggest acts in the Los Angeles area. The band seemingly secured a recording deal with Casablanca records, however, Casablanca backed out of their deal and Quiet Riot was later signed by Buddah Records. Quiet Riot would face disappointment once again as Buddah Record went bankrupt shortly after they signed with the label. After being turned down by various American record labels, they eventually obtained a recording contract with CBS/Sony records in Japan, releasing two full length l.p.’s and one 12" single - in Japan. Quiet Riots two records, Quiet Riot 1 (1978), which was originally recorded for an American record label, and Quiet Riot 2 (1979), received rave reviews in the Japanese press, claiming them to be the "next big thing". Unfortunately these recordings were never released in the United States. While there were plans for Quiet Riot to tour Japan, their management turned down the offer and Quiet Riot stayed in the United States continuing to sell out college and high school auditoriums as well as clubs in the Los Angeles area. About 5 months before Randy left Quiet Riot, he went to Karl Sandoval to have a custom guitar made. Several meetings and drawings later they would ultimately create a black and white polka dot flying "V", a guitar that would become synonymous with the name Randy Rhoads. The guitar would cost Randy $738.00 and was picked up by Randy on September 22, 1979. (September 22, 1979 saw Quiet Riot playing at the "Whiskey a go-go" in Los Angeles, California,... so chances are, that was probably the first place he ever played that guitar in front of an audience.)

01 - Gonna Have A Riot
02 - Kiss Of Death
03 - Slick Black Cadillac
04 - Afterglow
05 - Dead and Gone
quiet riot with randy rhoads - live at the whiskey, l.a.  25-01-7906 - Drive Me Crazy
07 - Trouble
08 - Good Times
09 - Killer Girls
10 - Laughing Gas
11 - Tin Soldier
12 - Back To the Coast

LOCATION / VENUELos Angeles Whiskey a Gogo DATE25–01–79

I am not too sure on the date as this show does not appear any where else… More Quiet Riot with Randy here. Waou Bubba you still rock!!! Well Not really Last post dates back from 2007!!!

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