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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Black Sabbath - Shockwave over Texas


1. Symptom Of The Universe (3:32)
2. Snowblind (6:31)
3. War Pigs (8:02)
Black Sabbath  - Shock Wave over Texas -  Live at Taylor County Coliseum, Abilene 19784. Never Say Die (5:19)
5. Black Sabbath (8:03)
6. Shock Waves (5:41)
7. Dirty Women (8:05)
8. Rock'n'roll Doctor *Inc. (1:43)

LOCATION / VENUE Abilene, TXTaylor County Coliseum DATEDec 7, 1978

Excellent quality recording. This Aces High release boasts that it is an “Original Stereo Soundboard Recording”, a “Digitally Remastered Edition” and a “Fan Club Issue only” of a bout 300 copies world wide. Whether or not any of these claims are true is another story altogether, but SWOT is a good bootleg for what it is. Kudos for attractive NEVER SAY DIE themed artwork.
Some anonymously penned liner notes go a long way to convince the buyer that this is the first actual soundboard tape from the Ozzy years to leak into circulation. They do so by pointing towards the commonly circulated shows like Paris ’70, Cal Jam ’74 and various other TV/Radio broadcasts and claiming that those aren’t true soundboards. I’d beg to differ on the Cal Jam ’74 recording, but I’d have to agree that this mystery writer isn’t totally off base. There are surprisingly few raw soundboard recordings with Ozzy, next to none if you don’t include the FM and TV recordings. So yes, this is tape is very special in that respect.

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