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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sex Pistols - Where Were You in 2003?

Jrbstn2It seemed somewhat unreal as John Lydon stalked onto stage and the Sex Pistols burst into "Bodies." For someone nearing 50, he was as animated and confrontational as one would expect. After faithfully (and somewhat harder then on Bollocks) banging out "No Feelings" and "God Save The Queen," Johnny got into a bit of a fight.
There were one or two people in the front row who had consistently showered Lydon with spit for the first three songs. Why a few crustys felt the need to revive the idiotic "gobbing" trend I’ll never know. I take it that the gobbing here had nothing to do with the band's performance, as it started as soon as the band took stage. Lydon quite rightly pointed out how it was an incredibly fake thing for the “punks” to do.
Not content with being covered with the contents of someone else's mouth, Lydon stopped the band in the first 10 seconds of a song and exploded into a tirade of insults. He brought the crowd's attention to the "fuckin' lumberjack" in the front row who was fountaining spit. When nothing he could say stopped it, Lydon stormed to the back of the stage, grabbed his bottle of brandy, barked out a few insults and was gone.
In the five or six minutes that followed the crowd became increasingly unruly in the darkened amphitheatre, hurling a few of the folded chairs at the stage. A number of the venue's staff nervously milled about the front of the stage in an attempt to salvage the concert and calm the crowd. I'm not sure if they removed the spitter or if he simply gave up, but five or six minutes later the band returned (to resounding applause) and burst into a cover of The Stooges' "No Fun."
The gobbing never started back up and Rotten was completely charged for the rest of the evening. Whether the walk-off was genuine or an act, the vibe for the remainder of the show was amazing. There was an air of uncertainty, as no one really knew how much longer the band would play or what Lydon would do or say. He soon called for the fans in the cheaper seats to "Come down 'ere and say hello to the wealthy." Those that could get around the security poured into the pit (that appeared where there were once chairs). The band sloppily ran through "Holidays In The Sun" and got a lots of crowd participation for "Pretty Vacant" and anti-record-industry anthem "EMI." The band encored with "Anarchy In The U.K" and "Problems."

01. Intro
02. Bodies
03. Lazy Sod
04. New York
05. No Feelings
06. God Save The Queen
07. No Fun
08. Liar
Button_download09. Belzen Was A Gas
10. Submission
11. Holiday in the Sun
12. Pretty Vacant
13. Emi
14. Stage Talk
15. Anarchy In The U.K.
16. Problems
LOCATION / VENUETorontoMolson AmphitheaterDATE25–08–2003
NOTES:Thank you Phil for the set list update!!!


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Blogger RevolutionaryBum said...

Hey, Thumbs Up on this post ! Age is only a number, it's the ones who buy into the preconceived notions of how one should "act" as "Act your age" that get bogged down. this show proves that if you care less about such nonsense you can do whatever your true instinct desires... Like kickin' the arse of so called punks half your age because you have the real deal inside, not just a haircut and and shitty brat attitude. Go Go, Go Johnny Go !!!

4:20 AM  

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