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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tristania - Crushed Parisian Dreams

TristTristania's music is usually classified as gothic metal with doom metal influences, due to its strong ties with the genre's history, and the band making use of styles and traits typical of the gothic metal genre.the band was formed at the end of 1996 by Morten Veland, Einar Moen and Kenneth Olsson from the remains of their previous band Uzi Suicide. Later, Anders H. Hidle and Vibeke Stene joined the band, along with bassist Rune Osterhus. In May 1997 their first EP, Tristania, was released. The same year Tristania released its first full length album, Widow's Weeds. A year later, following the Angina single, they recorded their second full length album, titled Beyond the Veil, which is thought by many fans to be not only the best Tristania project but also the album which best represents the band's sound. The music is considered very atmospheric and full of deep melodic passion. Morten Veland was by then almost like a leader to the group, as he composed most of their works, wrote lyrics, played guitar and sang growling vocals. He was fired (according to his version of events) from the band after the release of Beyond the Veil due to what the remaining members refer to only as "musical and social differences".

Tristania - Live in Paris 2001

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