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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Molly Hatchet - Gods And Knights


Recorded during the The Deed Is Done 1984 USA tour at the Orlando Arena in Florida with Danny Joe Brown on vocals it's a well mixed soundboard recording, makes me remember the interesting official Double Trouble Live from 1985.

Molly Hatchet is:
Danny Joe Brown: Vocals
Duane Roland: Guitars
Dave Hlubek: Guitars
Steve Holland: Guitars
Riff West: Bass
B.B. Borden: Drums

Track List:
01 - Bounty Hunter
02 - It's All Over Now
03 - Gator Country
04 - Satisfied Man
05 - Heartbreak Radio
Molly Hatchet - 1984 - Gods And Knights06 - She Does She Does
07 - Rock'n'Roll Fire
08 - Straight Shooter
09 - Crossroads
10 - Fall of The Piecemakers
11 - Beatin' The Odds
12 - Flirtin' with Disaster

NOTES:This is an old Westwood 1 In Concert (84-27) recorded in 1984 from the Orlando Arena and is the last official live recording of DJB. It was booted by a German company and redistributed. This is a RARE CD


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