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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Black Sabbath - Going Through Changes

12frontThis interesting audience recording from Sabbath’s January ’73 Australian tour was once quite sought after, since it was initially kept fairly rare by a small number of collectors. In 2003, the Ngaruawahia tape finally surfaced for the rest of the world to hear. The Ngaruawahia tape then quickly turned up on the Japanese boot GOING THROUGH CHANGES, which was released on October 3, 2003 through Lost And Found Records.
The main point of interest for both this and the Sydney show are the only known live recordings of “Changes” done by the original lineup. "Changes" was Tony's 1st ever piano piece, which explains its relative simplicity. It must have have been rather interesting to watch this very unique Black Sabbath live performance with Tony playing piano, while Geezer handled the string accompaniment with a mellotron. Sabbath didn't seem especially keen on the idea of performing “Changes” live, but made exception during the Aussie shows due to the popularity of that song down under. In retrospect, it’s rather cool to hear the band pushing their boundaries a bit by performing such a mellow piece, even if much of the crowd used it as an opportunity to chat! I prefer this version over the Sydney version for the slight boost in quality and the overall performance. The taper sounds as if they are standing closer to the stage than the Sydney taper(s) were. Also, Tony goofs the ending in Sydney, so this is a better representation of the song.
"Changes" was later resurrected in November '95 for the last shows of the FORBIDDEN world tour (with a different lineup) and was played as the outro music for their 2001 U.S. tour (and at Graspop Fest in '98). Ozzy himself performed the song on his NO MORE TEARS tour, even recording it for LIVE AND LOUD. And of course, he recently re-recorded yet another rendition with his daughter Kelly.
While Ngaruawahia is a cool show to hear (especially with the raw version of "Cornucopia" featured in the show), don't expect anything as stunning as Asbury Park '75. It's at least a very good audience recording with lots of amusing sounds from the crowd throughout. The original source tape played fast, but I believe there is now a speed corrected (and noise reduced) version out there as well.

01 - Introduction
02 - Tomorrows Dream
03 - Sweet Leaf
04 - War Pigs
05 - Snowblind
Black Sabbath - Live At Ogamauiahia Music Festival Nz July 1 197306 - Iron Man
07 - Changes
08 - Cornucopia
09 - Wicked World w/ Jam
10 - Children Of The Grave
11 - Paranoid

LOCATION / VENUEWaikato River Ogamauiahia Music Festival Nz  DATEJuly 1 1973

Interesting set list with very very rare live track Changes...they only played it on this show and on one date in Australia. And many many years later in Tokyo as an Encore..

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