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Friday, May 01, 2009

Ozzy Osbourne - Bat's Head Soup

Bats Head Soup InsertMAX NORMAN on Mixing Tribute Album using the Bats Head Soup Tape: An interesting story about that was, they sent me two different tapes. They said look "We got these two different shows, which show should we use?" So I listened to these 2 tapes. One of them was really pretty good, and the other one didn't seem very good at all. It wasn't very exciting. I was trying to work out why, and what was going on because it seemed a little weird to me. Then I finally realized they we're the same show, with radically different mixes. They told me one was King Biscuit and one was Cleveland. It had been mixed completely differently. And I realized that the one that sounded really good, was the one with Randy really loud in the mix. The one that didn't sound very good was the one where Randy was down in the mix. Randy was rushing so much, and was so ahead of the beat on stuff. If you turned him up it all made sense. But if you turned him down, then it sounded very chopped out. So it gave me inkling about, well I'll use this one, I'll just mix it like this. Because that's the way it works. That gave me a good clue about how to mix it. I mixed it in CBS Studios in New York City on 71rst and Broadway.

01 Intro
02 I Don't Know
03 Crazy Train
04 Believer
Ozzy Osbourne - Bats Head Soup - Cleverland Music Hall 198105 Mr. Crowley
06 Flying High Again
07 Revelation (Mother Earth)
08 Steal Away
09 Tommy Aldridge Drum Solo
10 Paranoid

LOCATION / VENUECleverlandMusic Hall DATE1981

An unedited, uncut, raw version of what would become Tribute. This is the first Ozzy Bootleg LP I ever bought!!! Lots of bootlegs featuring Rhoads have been mislabelled: here is a nice page to sort the mess out: Mislabeled Randy Rhoads recordings

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