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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jimi Hendrix - Woke up This Morning and Found Myself Dead

Jimi Hendrix 0001This CD contains a recording Jimi himself made of a jam at the Scene in NYC in early March (the 7th?) of 1968. This release features an incredibly drunk, filthy mouthed Jim Morrison! He is there shouting vulgar things while Jimi tries to play. Hendrix is tearing shit up on Bleeding Heart when Morrison grabs the microphone and begins rambling "all night long. I've got a lovely woman... sing my song.." This is followed by a low moan "bbbwwwwaaaaaa." Soon Morrison breaks into a bizarre tirade ... "suck my ass baby ... fuck me all night long!"
Hendrix then begins tearing through "Morrison's Lament," with Jim singing to an angry sounding crowd. "Fuck her in the ass! fuck her in the favorite!" When Morrison begins drifting away from the mic Hendrix politely, and with a laugh, explains to Jim - "sing in that on right there. That's the recording mic." Morrison follows his directions and belts out - "Fuck her in the asshole ... fuck my little woman ... in her little pussy ... little suck ass ... cunt ... little asshole ... fuck you in the ass, my little suck ass cunt." The band continued to play behind him, and Hendrix can be heard on the tape announcing Morrison's presence and offering him a better microphone.
Jimi Hendrix 0002There are questions as to the rest of the line-up. Buddy Miles was there and participated a little in the jam but there was also another drummer on hand. (Buddy's attendance is debatable. I asked him myself, and he said it was him, but what else is he going to say after 30years!), Johnny Winters is advertised to have been there as well, but although he was friends with Jimi and worked with him from time to time, Johnny was in Texas at the time this jam took place. Anyway, Every single person on stage was so drunk or so high... How could they remember?? Hendrix could care less as he works away in a frenzy. A really bizarre recording! One part Hendrix at his raw best - one part insulting drunk debauchery.
Voted as the worst Hendrix boot to own in some discographies... but it is a cool album. This record has been bootlegged so many times that the Hendrix Foundation says that it's the most bootlegged record of Jimi Hendrix and should be in the Guinness book!

Randy Z. Drums
Jim Morrison Harmonica, filthy mouth
Jimi Hendrix Guitar, Vocals, Engineer, Main Performer
Randy Jo Hobbs Sax (Baritone)
Buddy Miles Drums
Johnny Winter Guitar (Rhythm)

1 Red House (10:56)
2 Woke up This Morning and Found Myself Dead (8:01)
3 Bleeding Heart (12:25)
4 Morrison's Lament (5:14)
5 Tomorrow Never Knows (3:28)
6 Uranus Rock (3:06)
7 Outside Woman Blues (8:04)
8 Sunshine of Your Love (2:15)

Jimi Hendrix - Woke up This Morning and Found Myself Dead


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