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Friday, March 23, 2007

Motley Crüe - Sixx Times Cruel

00_motley_crue-sixx_times_cruel_(bootleg)-1991-(front)-amrcOn October 14, 1991 M?tley Crüe's 6th album Decade Of Decadence was released. It was supposed to be just something for the fans while they worked on the next "all new" album. After Decades release though, Neil left the band in February 1992. A controversy exists to this day over whether Neil was fired or quit. Sixx has long maintained that Neil quit the band. However, Neil disputes this and insists that he was fired. Neil was replaced by John Corabi (formerly of Angora and The Scream). M?tley Crüe's commercial success waned throughout the 1990s, although their self-titled March 1994 release made the Billboard top ten (#7). Thaler would manage the band alone until 1994, after the band did a mass-firing when their album, M?tley Crüe, failed to meet commercial expectations.

Motley Crew - Live at the Monsters Of Rock Festival in Basel, Switzerland 8-25-91

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