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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Genesis - Trick of a trail outtakes

Genesis_AtottBy 1970 Genesis were making headway with their uniquely theatrical brand of progressive rock. A series of personnel changes introduced a new drummer, Phil Collins, and guitarist Steve Hackett. Gradually, the world started to prick up its ears. Mike Rutherford: "We've always gone down well in the big industrial cities of the East Coast and Mid West (America), maybe because of the element of fantasy and escapism in our shows." Following the extraordinary success of the band's seventh album, a soundtrack to their spectacular stage show 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway,' Peter Gabriel left in 1975. "We came close to calling it a day when Pete left," Rutherford recalls, "It wasn't that we lost our nerve. We were always confident we could write the music, because Tony and I had done most of 'The Lamb.' It was just a question of whether the public would accept us." They did. Collins took over on vocals "because he really wanted to do it, basically" and the next installment of Genesis, 'A Trick Of The Tail,' promptly outsold all of their previous releases.

Genesis - Trick of a trail outtakes

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