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Monday, March 05, 2007

John Lennon - Imagine... all the outtakes

Lennon_imagineImagine is John Lennon's second solo album and is the most popular of his solo works. Recorded and released in 1971, Lennon noted the commercial success of Imagine but pointed out that the content of the album was similar to that of his provocative and challenging 1970 angst-rock release John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. The difference, he said, was that Imagine was "chocolate-coated for public consumption", in reference to the strings so prevalent throughout.
Basic tracks for the album were recorded in his home studio in Tittenhurst Park in England with strings overdubs added in New York. As on his last album, Phil Spector joined Lennon and Yoko Ono as co-producer on Imagine. Extensive footage of the sessions, showing the evolution of some of the songs, was compiled on a video documentary entitled "Gimme Some Truth: The Making of John Lennon's Imagine".
The title track "Imagine" became Lennon's signature tune and remains a powerful plea for world peace. "Jealous Guy," originally composed as "Child Of Nature" during the songwriting sessions in India in 1968 that birthed the Beatles' double-album The Beatles, also has had enduring popularity. Other easy-listening moments on Imagine arise in the form of "Oh My Love" (composed with Ono) and the contemplative "How?"
Imagine also indulges in Lennon's love of rock'n'roll with the philosophical "Crippled Inside" and "It's So Hard," as well as the provocative "Gimme Some Truth," originally heard in the Let It Be sessions, but now with a new bridge. The politically-charged "I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier Mama I Don't Wanna Die," closes the first half of Imagine in a cacophonic manner.

Lennon_imagine1SONG LISTS
Crippled Inside
Take 2, 3:47
Take 17, 3:46
I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier
Take 1 with count "1-2-3-4", without George, 5:46
Take 2 without George 5:37
Alternate Mix, 5:53
Give Me Some Truth
Take ?, 3:36
Oh My Love
Alternate Take 1A with George's count "OK,1-2-3-4", 2:48
released on JOHN LENNON Anthology ;disk 1,track 12, and WONSAPONATIME ; track 7
Alternate Take 1B with John's count "OK,1-2-3-4", 2:49
Lennon_imagine2Alternate Take C, 2:38
Take 2 with George's count "2-3-4,Sorry,1-2-3-4", 2:53
Reherasal Session, 0:32
How Do You Sleep?
Rehearsal 1, 1:52
Tuning Jam, 0:17
Reherasal 2, 4:22
Reherasal 3, 7:35
Version 2, 5:46
Version 3, 6:34
Alternate Take, 5:52
Alternate Vocal A, 6:45
Alternate Vocal B, 6:12
Take 2 with count "1-2,1-2-3-4", 8:11
Take ?, 5:17
Take 6 with count "1-2,1-2-3-4", 5:01
released on JOHN LENNON Anthology ;disk 1,track 15, and WONSAPONATIME ; track 4

John Lennon - Imagine Sessions


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