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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Joe Satriani - Live in Anaheim 2005

Live at The Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA  04/07/05

Set I guitar schedder
01. Up In The Sky
02. Lords of Karma
03. Intro
04. Up in Flames
05. Hordes Of Locusts
06. Summer Song
07. Sleepwalk
08. Starry Night
09. Moroccan Sunset
10. Bamboo
11. Strange
Set II
01. Intro
02. Searching
03. Hands in the Air
04. Psycho Monkey
05. Is There Love in Space
06. War
07. Flying In A Blue Dream
08. Surfing With The Alien

   Joe Satriani - Live in Anaheim 2005


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