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Monday, December 18, 2006

the Doors - Live In Stockholm 20 Sep 1968

DOORS004This double CD box was made in Germany, has got a Luxembourg address on it and was distributed by mail order first. Later it appeared on record fairs and became a massive seller. The box has a really nice cover: a colour shot from their Roundhouse concert. Both concerts were taped in their entirety and broadcasted three times in Sweden over the radio. So this CDs contain both uncut Stockholm concerts, more than 130 minutes of music. Unfortunately both CDs have got not the same soundquality as the bootleg triple LP box with the same name (Swinging Pig Records). The soundquality of The Stockholm Tapes CD (Document Records DR 010) is better, but this one has just got the best tracks of both concerts. Anyway, forget the loss of some heights in the sound and some bubbles in the bass: the Live In Stockholm box is another item for the record collection of each Doors fan. Robby Krieger of The Doors sued Swinging Pig Records for this box. As a result it had to disappear from the markets, but appeared again in 1994 with the same cover but in a slim box.

Sources: Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, September 20th, 1968. CD one has the complete second show (The End was recorded as the encore for this second show but is on CD two). CD two has the complete first show. DOORS001

PART 1  First Concert

  • Five To One (4:28)
  • Love Street (3:10)
  • Love Me Two Times (3:35)
  • When The Music's Over (10:05)
  • A Little Game (1:35)
  • The Hill Dwellers (2:40)
  • Light My Fire (11:07)
  • Unknown Soldier (4:56)

PART 2  Second ConcertDOORS003

  • Five To One (6:17)
  • Mack The Knife / Alabama Song (3:07)
  • Backdoor Man (4:32)
  • You're Lost, Little Girl (3:34)
  • Love Me Two Times (3:50)
  • When The Music's Over (13:48)
  • Wild Child (2:30)
  • Money (4:16)
  • Wake Up (1:43)
  • Light My Fire (11:09)
  • The End (16:12)

          the Doors - Live In Stockholm  20 Sep 1968


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