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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

1xtra Bass tour 2006

DNB001Drum and bass (commonly abbreviated to DnB or drum n bass) is a type of electronic dance music also known as jungle. Emerging in the early 1990s, the genre is characterised by fast tempo broken beat drums (generally between 160 & 180 beats per minute) with heavy, often intricate basslines. Today, drum and bass is still considered an underground musical style, but its currents of influence run throughout popular music and culture.

Drum and bass began as an offshoot of the United Kingdom breakbeat hardcore and rave scene of the late 1980s; and over the first decade of its existence there have been many permutations in its style, incorporating elements from dancehall, electro, funk, hiphop, house, jazz, metal, pop, reggae, rock, techno and trance.

DNB0031Xtra Bass is 1Xtra's annual drum and bass tour. Six cities in six days, featuring la creme de la creme of the best UK DnB DJs and MCs. The fourth annual Xtra Xtra Bass Week in 2006 saw 1Xtra's entire Drum & Bass DJ roster: L Double, Flight, Bailey and Sappo each host their own broadcast from a UK city with the best talent from the D&B scene such as Fabio, Grooverider, Roni Size, Goldie, Pendulum, Clipz, Marcus Intalex, Craggz & Parallel Forces, Jungle Drummer and MC Trip, Heist, Kenny Ken, Radio 1's Crissy Criss, Dynamite MC and MCs Rage, Stamina, Tonn Piper, Verse and more.The finale on Saturday 18 March was live from Ashton Court Mansion in Bristol - it was a massive celebration to close Xtra Bass Week with some superstar talent such as the Mercury award-winning Roni Size, Dynamite MC and more.DNB004

1Xtra Bass 2006 #1 - L Double - Live in Exeter

1Xtra Bass 2006 #2 - Dj Bailey Dj Ice Mc Rage - Live in Nottingham's Rescue Rooms LINK FIXED

1Xtra Bass 2006 #3 - Marcus Intalex - Live at Lava & Ignite night club in Norwich

1Xtra Bass 2006 #4 - Sappo Kenny Ken Krissy Kriss - Live in ManchesterDNB002

1Xtra Bass 2006 #5 - Fabio Grooverider Sappo Bailey - Live in Edinburgh

New link added

1Xtra Bass 2006 #6 - Roni Size L double Bailey - Live in Bristol

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