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Monday, December 18, 2006

Dire Straits - Live in Rotterdam 1978

DS001This recording from a private source is a complete record of the radio broadcast of this performance, unlike the early cd bootleg release Rotterdam 1978 which is missing the last track. Although there is not a huge difference, sound quality is also noticably better on this recording than on the pressed cd, and definitely taken from a source closer to the master. The recording does seem to run just a tad too fast, but it's not something that will detract from it for most fans.
Performance-wise, the band are in top form. Recommended.

Live at Stadschouwburg, Rotterdam, the Netherlands 19/10/78

Set listdownload artwork here!!!
Down To The Waterline
Six Blade Knife
Once Upon A Time In The West
Lady Writer
Water Of Love
In The Gallery
What's The Matter Baby
Sultans Of Swing
Wild West End
Eastbound Train
Southbound Again

Dire Straits - Live in Rotterdam 1978                                                                            Download Artwork

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