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Monday, November 20, 2006

Death - Scream bloody gore

Over the course of more than a decade and seven increasingly accomplished albums, Death became a bona fide heavy metal icon. Now widely recognized as the father of death metal

Death-redwas first formed by Chuck Schuldiner under the name Mantas in 1983 when he joined forces with two local musicians named Rick Rozz and Kam Lee, both from a band called Massacre. Chuck then moved from Orlando, Florida to California and left them behind. Their first studio album was released in 1987 and the band then became the first big death metal band in the world. Growling vocals had been used by bands like Bathory, Hellhammer and Venom before but it had never been done like this and in the US before. Death quickly established a name for themselves and are by now a legendary band for metal fans all over the world. DEATH001In 1990, nearing the beginning of a tour together with the German thrash metal band Kreator, Chuck decided to leave the band. The band went on tour without him bu later on he reformed the band with a completely new line-up while Butler and Andrews left to reform their old band Massacre.

Live in philadelphia 15–11–98

Scream Bloody Gore Sessions

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