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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Magik Malik - a new step in experimentations

MAGMAL001Magik Malik is a French flutist who has been on the jazz circuit for over ten years now… Known and appreciated for his touch of spontaneity, he was member of the Julien Loureau Groove gang – I have to dig up some of those great shows from my archives – before launching his own band: the Magik Malik orchestra signed on Label Bleu records in 2000.

Malik Mezzadri multiplies encounters and collaborations in order to taste and discover various universes.

Live at the Trabendo, Paris 2000

taper Jerome B

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Anonymous flutefaery said...


Thanks soooooooo much for this! As an experimental flutist, I simply adore Magic Malik and learn a tremendous amount when I watch live footage of his exceptionally inspired playing. I'm really excited about this post!

Much appreciated!

1:45 AM  
Anonymous flutefaery said...

oops...I mean LISTEN!
(thought it was a vid!)

1:48 AM  

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