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Monday, November 13, 2006

PJ Harvey: Furthest From The Sun

PJH002_smallSince 1991, Polly Jean Harvey has become one of the biggest International acts in popular music. Polly's music has touched people from all over the world through her provocative lyrics, melodic blues and ever-changing image. PJ Harvey began as a three piece band taking Polly's name. Within the first year as 'PJ Harvey', the band had earned themselves a Top 10 album in the UK, huge success in the U.S. and much acclaim from the press on both sides of the Atlantic. Whenever shows were booked, they would sell out immediately due to the demand of the public wanting to witness this strange new fusion of blues and punk. The three piece eventually disbanded and Polly returned in 1995, as a solo artist, with the hugely successful 'To Bring You My Love' bringing with her a new backing band, new image and a new sound. Polly has continued her career with ever increasing album sales and sell-out concerts worldwide. PJH001_smallIn Oct 2000, PJ Harvey released 'Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea' which instantly became one of her biggest achievements earning her even more acclaim and recognition. Here is a biography of Polly Jean Harvey's career from the beginning to the present day...

Live at Rock en Seine Festival 2003

Domaine Nationale de S Cloud

27th August 2003


SBD > unknown hardware > uknown software > CDr > EAC => ??? ->mp3
LENGTH: 47' 52

01 To Bring You My Love
02 Dress
03 50 Foot Queenie
04 Good Fortune
05 Rid Of Me
06 The Dancer
07 Who The Fuck
08 Snake
09 A Place Called Home
10 Big Exit
11 Me-Jane
12 The Whore's Hustle & The Hustler's Whore
13 Man-Size


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