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Friday, August 15, 2008

Hope Of The States - Camden Crawl


The band formed in 2000, naming themselves after a 1930s paper on the state of mental healthcare in the United States. They were discovered after sending a demo to the Planet Sound teletext page, and were signed to Sony BMG. The band's guitarist James Lawrence committed suicide in January 2004[1], shortly before the release of their first album, The Lost Riots, which reached the top 40 in the UK album chart. The band's first single, Black Dollar Bills, was packaged in a hessian sleeve, each hand-sewn by a band member, which later became a valuable collectors' item. The first album saw the band departing slightly from the heavily instrumental post-rock of their early material, blending it with more conventional indie rock, to the disappointment of some of their early fans.
The band's most extensive UK tour started in October 2004, beginning with a date in Belfast's Mandela Hall.
Much of 2005 was spent recording the follow-up to The Lost Riots, and the band only made six live appearances. The band performed some songs to be included on their second album at an acoustic performance in London. The band worked with fansite "The Halfway Home" to produce an advent calendar for Christmas 2005. The only studio recording released in 2005 was the track 'Shalom', included as Day 24 on the calendar.

01 - Bonfires
02 - A Million Marriages
03 - Nehemiah
04 - 66 Sleepers To Summer
05 - Little Silver Birds
Hope Of The States - Live at Camden Crawl  10.3.0506 - The Red The White The Black The Blue
07 - Last Nation Of 8
08 - crowd talking
09 - Spektators
10 - The Church Choir
11 - Enemies Friends 

LOCATION / VENUELondon  DATE10–03–05


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