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Monday, June 29, 2009

Gato Libre - Live at the Seven Arts Club

Gatolibre[1]Capturing the essence of folk music, Natsuki Tamura creates an acoustic session on “Strange Village” that lets him tell the stories vividly and completely. Through open trumpet, guitar, bass, and accordion, he communicates tales that stir the imagination and let the listener interpret accordingly. Each tale comes with rounded textures that belie humble surroundings where people know that they can feel at home. Slowly and deliberately, the music walks you through the streets and welcomes you with open arms.Tamura's soulful trumpet opens wide as he improvises over pretty melodies. He emphasizes passion without being overbearing about it. The focus for the album remains its casual four-part message that roams free as a bird (or cat). Each artist pours heartfelt emotion into the cauldron that represents Tamura's tale, and the mixture heats up from within.
Stress? This village has none. Its music simmers peacefully on the shoulders of Tamura's open horn, Satoko Fujii's soothing accordion, Kazuhiko Tsumura's crystal-clear guitar, and Norikatsu Koreyasu's proud bass. Together, they create a picture of serenity and unity. Celebrations come and go as the quartet explores free jazz with timeless sonority.
Gato Libre's free association over timeless textural territory gives this highly recommended album a warm embrace. Tamura's open trumpet seals it. His quartet has found a formula that connects the music of our ancestors with the freedom that we enjoy in today's modern society.


Natsuki Tamura - trumpet
Satoko Fujii - accordion
Kazuhiko Tsumura - guitar
Norikatsu Koreyasu - bass

Gato Libre - Live at the Seven Arts Club, Leeds 26th February 2008Set-list:

Morning Mist
Journey Again
In Krakow, In November
Strange Village
In Barcelona, In June

LOCATION / VENUE LeedsSeven Arts Club DATE6/02/08
NOTES:First track has some interferences… Any one got better version???

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