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Sunday, June 21, 2009

DJ Shadow - Brixton Academy

DJ Shadow Made outstanding pre-new-year gift to its fan, after winning back living concert in Brikstone and after letting out 2000 disks with the record of this concert.

DJ Shadow disc 1:
The Outsider / Intro
Building Steam With A Grain of Salt
Untitled Heavy Beat
Six Days
The Tiger
Mutual Slump / Mongrel Meets His Maker
Be There
Instrumental 3
War Is Hell / Seein' Thangs
Three Freaks / Turf Dancing
This Time (I'm gonna try it my way)
You made it

DJ Shadow - Live at London  Brixton Academy 15-12-06disc 2:
Erase You Part 1
Erase You Part 2
Lady Don't Tek No / Enuff
Mashin' on The Motorway
Break it Down
The Number Song
Organ Donor
Triplicate / UNKLE megamix
Midnight In A Perfect World

SourceSDBSound QualityA+Formatmp3Bitrate128Tracks22

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