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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Tool - Copps Coliseum

Tool - Copps Coliseum

You know Tool is about to hit the stage from the moment that first unexplainable buzz comes over the speakers; and as Maynard’s silhouette gathers itself by Danny Carrey’s side, that knowledge turns to a quick and jolting anticipation. When the guitar first echoes through the arena and that first twisted visual invades your pupils that anticipation turns to a bursting energetic ambience that resonates off of every person up to the rafters, and the immersion into one of the best rock shows offered on this planet begins.
Musically, Tool as a band is unmatched. The tightness and intelligence of the band was on display all evening. Particularly of note this evening were the bands performances of “Stinkfist”, “Schism”, and “10,000 days”. “Stinkfist” and “Schism” were notable not only because they are two of Tool’s well-known and popular songs, but also because of the way the band is able to alter the original arrangements and add to the songs. “Stinkfist” went to into parts I had never heard before, and I absolutely loved it because it felt like I was hearing the song again for the first time. In “Schism”, Danny Carry did an amazing drum arrangement over the bridge of the song that I’d never heard before. Awesome. Carry also did a drum solo later on which I’ve never heard from him before and it too was just simply amazing. “10,000 days” was probably the most memorable performance of the evening. While the song does go on for something like 15 minutes, it just feels so different live. You can feel the build that’s going on and how every note and lyrics have meaning to that build. It’s weird when a song starts off with an entire arena holding their lighters in the air and ends with what looked to a vicious and overwhelmed moshpit going absolutely insane. There are not too many vocalists who can make their voices echo throughout an arena the way that Maynard does.
Visually, this concert was ridiculous. There was always so much going on. Whether it is the weird animation, or the UFO like light show, or the lasers, Tool definitely spared no expense in terms of stage production. One of the coolest visuals I’ve seen in quite some time is Maynard doing his typical twisted marionette dance in front of the visual of a burning river so that it looked as though his silhouette was surfing on the sun. Very cool. The animations that the band has playing behind them can be really cool or really creepy, but they add so much to the songs and the concert experience. Tool doesn’t just engage your auditory senses but your visual senses also. While many other bands do this, no one does it on the same scale or with the same kind creativity and originality.

Tool - Copps Coliseum 09-07-07 

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