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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Paul Gilbert - RockForce!!!

Pg3One of the most likeable figures in rock music, as well as one of the fastest and most accurate shredders around, former Racer X and Mr Big guitarist Paul Gilbert is instantly recognisable by anyone who knows anything about rock guitar. His blistering pace with an unmistakeable dry tone, with an ear for catchy melodies and hooks, coupled with an awareness of dynamics and attack make him one of my favourite guitarists, and one of the people I looked up to when I first started to play guitar. Some of his critics, perhaps with some justification, call him a one-trick pony, with an overemphasis on fast linear runs and repetitive three-note-per-string soloing. Indeed, Paul himself (with customary humility) self deprecatingly admits that he is not very good in techniques like sweeping. However, anyone who has watched his instructional videos will know that Paul possesses accuracy and speed, an utter understanding of the guitar as an instrument, as well as a feeling for chordal and melodic subtleties. In short, he’s not “just a shredder”. Touring in support of his latest album GET OUT OF MY YARD, he was very eagerly anticipated in London, and all sorts of people made up the crowd last night: ageing rockers, young gun guitarists, metalheads, glams, emos and musicians of all kinds.

Paul Gilbert - London 2007

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