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Friday, October 05, 2007

Mercyful Fate - Live From The Depth Of Hell


01. Intro 
02. Black Masses 
03. Curse of the Pharaohs 
04. Evil 
05. Into the Coven 
06. Gypsy 
07. Reyarp Sdrol 
Mercyful Fate - Live From The Depth Of Hell08. A Corpse Without Soul 
09. The Oath 
10. Doomed by the Living Dead 
11. At the Sound of the Demon Bell 
12. Satan's Fall 
13. Satan's solo 
14. Nuns Have No Fun

Good quality early live recording. Judging from the sound this is compiled from 2 shows. Classic Mercyful Fate live!!!! Vinyl Rip, Unclicked… what a shame!!!

SourceSDBSound QualityBFormatmp3Bitrate320Tracks14

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