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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Roxy Music - Crystal Palace 1972

C-palace7-29-72 Roxy Music is an English art rock group founded in the early 1970s by art school graduate Bryan Ferry (vocals and keyboards). The other members are Phil Manzanera (guitars), Andy Mackay (saxophone and oboe) and Paul Thompson (drums and percussion). Former members are Brian Eno (synthesizer and "treatments"), later famous producer and musician, and Eddie Jobson (synthesizer and violin), replacing Eno. Extant from 1971 through 1983, they reunited for a concert tour in 2001, and have announced that they are recording a new album in 2005-2007 for a yet-to-be-confirmed release date.During the 1970s, Roxy Music emerged as one of the foremost bands of the time, popular throughout the UK and Europe. In the USA, Australasia and other regions, the band was esteemed by critics and enjoyed an ardent cult following, but they remained little-known among the general public until the 1980s, when they received attention for their cover of the John Lennon song "Jealous Guy," which became their biggest hit. In 1972, they were added on the Crystal Palace party bill: a festival which was filmed by NBC and recorded by the rolling Stone Mobile studio. This is maybe the oldest extant live recording of a RM show – ?? – Sound is not too bad for the period!! Definitely listenable.

Roxy Music - Crystal Palace 1972 

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