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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dj Krush Vs DJ Vadim - KoKo SoundCrash

KrushvsVadim - live at KoKo

This is a little piece of history. DJ Krush and DJ Vadim back to back, at the legendary Koko in Camden, London to 1,700 people from floor to ceiling, bouncing all night.
The first 15 Mins are Krush and Vadim, then over an hour and a half of the mix by Vadim. They smashed it!!!!

Dj Krush Vs DJ Vadim - KoKo SoundCrash 2007

SourceSDBSound QualityA+Formatmp3Bitrate96Tracks1sgl
Zillion thanks to Ocenas for the file.

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