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Sunday, August 05, 2007

the Doors - A Ship Of Fools


The Doors' final performance in Hawaii soars like a wild two-hour amusement-park ride. Prior to the show, the Doors partake of the Hawaiian Islands' legendary Paka Lolo, a particularly potent variety of marijuana. As the band starts its introductory medley, Morrison pleads for the brilliant stage lights to be turned down. By the conclusion of "Roadhouse Blues," he is furious that the lights are still so bright, and accuses the lighting personnel of being "incompetent, immaterial, irrelevant and unnecessary" and insists the lights be readjusted to "something dark with gloom, and just leave it at that!" The stage goes dark to audience applause and the Doors burst into a jazzy, incendiary version of "Break on Through." Manzarek takes an extended solo before the climax and then draws it to a fiery conclusion in a vocal duet with Morrison that elicits thunderous applause. However, by the conclusion of "When the Music's Over," Morrison is becoming noticeably intoxicated and continues to become more so as the evening wears on. He begins eliciting requests from the audience, an activity that always seems to create pandemonium. The band brings the fast-tempoed "Peace Frog" to an abrupt ending and deftly shifts down into a beautiful version of "Crystal Ship." The "People Get Ready" jam is particularly vital tonight, as Densmore drives the band with a furious locomotive percussion into "Mystery Train," and then Manzarek graciously leads them out of it with a melodic solo that melts into a relaxed instrumental version of "Across the Sea." Instead of concluding the jam at the end of "Crossroads," they drift back into "People Get Ready" to bring the jam full circle. Another unusual twist this night is the insertion of "Baby, Please Don't Go" during "Love Me Two Times." Toward the end of "Rock Me," Morrison begins a hypnotic repetition of "All right! All right! All right!." until exploding into a raucous "Wake Up!" which introduces the concluding "Light My Fire" jam.
The encore of "The End" presents a fitting conclusion to the show. Morrison seems to effortlessly insert select portions of poetry throughout the piece, bringing the evening's performance to a dramatic finale that provides something special for everyone in attendance.


Back Door Man / Love Hides
Five To One
Roadhouse Blues
Break On Through
When The Music's Over
The Doors - Live Honolulu Convention Center 1970Peace Frog
The Crystal Ship
Mystery Train
Love Me Two Times
Rock Me (cut)-------------------------------------PSW:
Wake Up / Light My Fire
The End / "Ensenada" / "Coda Queen"

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