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Friday, August 03, 2007

Possessed - California Nightmare

POssessed - LIveThe band originated in San Francisco in 1983 . They are noted for their extremely fast playing style and Becerra's guttural vocals and have cited as an influence on the Death metal genre. The band recruited Jeff Becerra to take over the lead vocal position follwoing the death of original lead vocalist, Barry Fisk. The following years were spent practicing and working on their sound by performing at local venues. Through their early live performances they met fellow bay-area heavy metal band,Exodus. Exodus brought the band's four song demo recording to the attention of Brian Slagel, head of Metal Blade Records. Slagel showed interest in the band and offered to put one of their songs on an upcoming compilation titled Metal Massacre 6. The track included was titled "Swing of the Axe". Following the release of the compilation, guitarist Brian Montana left the band due to creative differences. He was replaced by Larry Lalonde. Although Metal Blade did not offer to sign the band, the compilation drew the attention of Combat Records. Possessed signed with the label and released the album Seven Churches in 1985.
Larry2Possessed followed the release with a supporting tour which included a performance with Slayer and Venom at San Francisco's Kabuki in 1986. On Halloween, 1986, Possessed released their second album, "Beyond the Gates". In 1987 the band issued a five song EP titled "The Eyes Of Horror" which marked a change in direction for the band. The Satanism themes that they had become noted for were completely absent on the EP. The songs had more of a Thrash metal style than their earlier Death Metal. The EP was produced by guitarist Joe Satriani. Most of the songwriting was done by Lalonde, rather than Becerra and Torrao who had written most of the band's earlier material.
Shortly after the release of the Eyes of Horror EP the band disbanded. In 1989, Jeff Becerra was paralyzed from the waist down following a shooting incident. 

SourceAUDSound QualityAFormatmp3Bitrate160Tracks15

Possessd*Live San Fransisco '84

01 Death Metal
02 Evil Warriors
03 Swing the Axe
04 Pentagram
05 Burning in Hell
06 Twisted Minds
07 Fallen Angel

Jefflive*Live San Diego '86

08 Exorcist
09 Pentagram
10 Satans Curse
11 Holy Hell
12 Burning in Hell
13 Fallen Angel
14 Seven Churches
15 Death Metal

Jeff Becerra - bass/vocals
Mike Torrao - lead guitar
Larry Lalonde - lead guitar
Possessed - California Nightmare 80'sMike Sus - drums

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