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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tribal Tech - Turbo Driven Fusion

Tribalmilan1995After twelve years of working together and eight critically acclaimed albums, Scott Henderson and Gary Willis of Tribal Tech, have proven they are visionary composers, as well as world class players. In recent years, Henderson has been named the #1 Jazz Guitarist, by both Guitar World and Guitar Player's Annual Reader's Polls. Bass Player magazine referred to Willis as "one of the most vital bass voices of the 90's", while Guitar Player's Annual Reader's Poll has listed Willis among the top three bassist in the Jazz Bass category for the last two years in a row. While they've always had the following of loyal jazzers, the band has steadily attracted the attention of rock and rollers, as well, seducing them with their sometimes big, dark wall of sound and their bad boy attitude toward "happy jazz". Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith says that Tribal Tech "kicks ass!". Packed houses in the U.S., Europe and South America show he is obviously not the only one who thinks this. Rounding out the dynamic foursome is the awesomely talented, turbo-driven Kirk Covington on drums and the improvisationally-gifted Scott Kinsey on keyboards. The coming together of such talented players could only result in the creation of a band like Tribal Tech. A band that grabs you by the throat and won't let go until they've shaken you out of your musical complacency with a roar of energy.



01 - Boat Gig
02 - After Hours
03 - Susie's Dingsbums
04 - Canine
05 - Drum Solo - Premonition (part I)
06 - Bass Solo - Premonition (part II)
07 - Big Fun
08 - Face First

01 - The Big Wave
02 - Nite Club
03 - Worlds Waiting
04 - Speak
05 - Stella By Starlight
06 - Stella By Infra Red High Particle Neutron Beam
07 - Smelly Ol' Dog Blues
08 - Hound Dog

Tribal Tech - Milano Italy 1995

Spears - Passport 1985 - Dr. Hee - Passport 1987 - Nomad - Relativity 1990 - Tribal Tech - Relativity 1991 - Illicit - Bluemoon 1992 - Face First - Bluemoon 1993 - Reality Check - Bluemoon 1995 - Thick - ... 1999 - Rocket Science (2000)


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