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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Touch The Sky

Stevierayvaughan_touchthesky_allIn late January 1985, the band took their first and last Japanese tour. In March, they started to produce their third album Soul to Soul. Reese Wynans, a former keyboardist of Delbert McClinton's band, was added to the band not long after. With the addition of Reese the title of the band was changed to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Serious Trouble, however no album was released under this modified title. The album's production lasted for two months. Soul to Soul was released on September 30, 1985. "Touch the Sky" is a series of sessions from the Power Station in NYC, Feb. 1984 (some tracks are from the Dallas Sound Lab in May 1985). The quality is good. It is interesting because it shows some of Stevie's creative studio work. Very good studio outakes.

01 - Little Wing
02 - Little Wing
03 - Little Wing / 3rd Stone From the Sun
04 - Life Without You
05 - So Excited
06 - Boiler Maker
07 - Shake and Bake
08 - Treat Me RightStevie Ray Vaughan  -  Touch The Sky
09 - The Sky Is Crying
10 - Slip Sliding Slim
11 - Come On
12 - Come On
13 - Hig, Kiss, and Squeeze
14 - Hand Nails and Boogers
15 - Right or Wrong

LOCATION / VENUEN.Y.C. Power Station Studio DATEFeb. 1984 + May 1985
NOTES:More info on soul to soul sessions here


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a HUGE Stevie fan and as anyone knows, Stevie never played the same thing once, much less twice, so that is why his "live" concert recordings are so valued even the ones that are not soundboard quality. This is different though. I have several versions of this and I know (yes, I met Stevie and spoke with him early on), but I am certain, that if Stevie was still here with us, he would not be too happy with the release of things on this CD. I have heard some comments from very shallow people like "once he got clean, he just couldn't play the same.." ANYONE that has heard any of the shows recorded in 1987, 1988, 1989, and 1990 HAS to admit that Stevie was getting better and better and more intense. Instead of cocaine and Crown, he was high on life and EVERYONE that was there at Alpine Valley that last night said that Stevie was as happy that night as he ever was. So bottom line, I know that people will want ANYTHING that Stevie did, just take it for what it is. The instrumentals are incredible. That is where the real treasure is. Stevie left us all too soon, with the burning question what if..18 years ago today. Rave On Stevie. We STILL Love you. fenderplayer69-Texas Blues Forever.

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the above poster: You are full of shit! ANY honest SRV fan will tell you when he got sober he lost his fire.Maybe he gained his soul according to that AA bullshit he believed in.But it NEVER was the same again. I saw him 12 times from '83 to '89 and even for those who just have the tapes. Listen to them. 8-28-83 just as one example blows the hell out of any '88-'90 concert he ever did. Part of Stevie died (musicly) long before that crash.It even cost him his marriage! Clapton got better, compare late 70's to early 80's to late 80's mid 90's. He was the exception, not the rule for just about any given artist you can name. Stevie would be unhappy with what his brother has done with his musical estate I.E the pothumus Sony releases 80% of which are total crap thus leaving the true fans to search and trade the bootlegs. Jimmy Vaughan was always envious of his brother's vastly superior talent, and it shows with the official sub-par material he authorized.The "real treasure"
is getting the 13 and a half hours of the Power Station tapes this disc was sourced from.I recieved my 3rd gen XLII 90s in about'91 Obviously, the above poster has never heard them,(or met Stevie for that matter,yeah right) but I digress...Make no mistake.Everyone one knows that he was happier and healthier, but "better and more intense" ??? Put down that copy of the crap biography by Patoski/Crawford.Pick up your ears, listen and BE HONEST!

9:27 AM  
Anonymous texasbluesplayer said...

To the above post:
Well, I happen to agree with the first post. I knew Stevie from 1982-1990. It is true that he had a fire in his guts from the early days, but ANYONE that is a guitarist will tell you that Stevie was playing MORE focused. If you doubt me ask Chris and Tommy! OR are YOU going to claim to know them? I would be willing to bet that you subscribe to the same school that said Hendrix was dead long before he died!? I can tell you first hand as a Texas Blues musician that apparently, you do not know what in the hell YOU are talking about! In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if your railed right now out of your head. MOST of us gave that up a long time ago and grew up. It sounds like you need to as well. YOU need to read Craig Hopkin's books in the words of Jana, Tommy, Chris and the others that were THERE. THAT is who the world believes, not some wanna be fan that thinks that they are a self-proclaimed expert! You go ask Chris, Tommy, or Reese what Stevie said about his bootlegs, especially the ones made when he wasn't clean. About the ONLY thing that I would agree about is Jimmie being jealous. And it is J-I-M-M-I-E, NOT Jimmy! Another book that you should read is Cutter's book. It is sad that jerks like you have a license to write the crap that you did above. But then, we ARE in the United States of America.

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow some fireworks here. I too have to agree with the first person to a degree. As far as costing Stevie his marriage, GET REAL!You just told on yourself that all of your knowledge about Stevie came from a book that someone else wrote that didn't even know Stevie! Stevie would tell you that YOU are full of shit!

5:36 AM  

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