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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Doves - Troubled diva

After an introduction from a scrawny Steve ‘Lurpack‘, The Doves (with Jimi pulling funny faces and looking suave in blazer and jeans) strolled onto a glowing red and purple stage, and after a small technical hiccup, began with ‘Pounding’.
The four of them looked quite at home up there, in front of their backdrop of a huge video screen, which, during the course of the night, probably played every video they’ve ever done.
Candy cane coloured lights (very white stripes!) shone into the crowd during ‘There goes the fear’, which got almost half the crowd jumping away madly.
Doves - in full flight Halfway through the track, Jimi suddenly swapped his microphone for a small drum kit and together with the drummer, they belted out a stomping rhythm.
Bright green neon lights lead into ‘Sea song’, which comprised the mesmerising backdrop of a surf video, and Jez’s wailing vocals. Jimi tells us they’ve just played to a minuscule 174 people in France, and that ‘this place is ****** jammed - it’s quite refreshing‘!. ’Rise‘, ‘Words’ and ‘NY’ followed, and then, to a clapping crowd, a rendition of ‘Satellites‘. To be truthful, it was a night of churned out album hits and favourites, but was done so with that needed little bit of finesse. Catch the Sun livened things up a tad, (nicely timed boys), and as one lone crowd surfer slowly made his way towards the arms of the bouncers the crowd got jumping to some slightly bizarre noises coming from the keyboard! Danke schon Nottingham!’, yelled Jimi before playing ‘The last broadcast’ ‘..for all of y’all!’. The audience were bathed in a golden glow during ‘Caught by the river‘, and the atmosphere suddenly turned for the better and brought back hazy memories of long lazy festival filled summer days. Mmmm. The guitarist showed a nice little bit of improvisation during the ‘Cedar Room‘, and then the lights dimmed and with a yell of, ‘thanks so much for being here’, they were headed off stage. A few football type chants later (who on earth let those crazy lads in?!?) and they were back to play ‘The man who told everything‘, which I would have enjoyed all the better if it wasn’t for two teeny boppers bobbing around in front of me like they were on some crazy happy juice.
Then came the opening bars of ‘Here it comes‘, and in a blink and you’ll miss it move the drummer and singer swapped places; Jimi being only too happy to relinquish his place at the microphone to a tambourine tapping, harmonica playing Andy. The final track was something of a surprise. A song from the ‘Last broadcast’ I hear you ask? Or from ‘Lost Souls‘? No, not even a brand new track or B-side. Tonight’s closing track came all the way back from the bands almost forgotten Sub Sub days (Space Face), and brought a slight rave-y feel to the night. Come to think of it, it was probably the liveliest part of the set, and the guitarist tried to get everyone to join in with the already huge group of moshers at the front. Moshing to the Doves. Who would’ve thought!

01 Pounding
02 There Goes The Fear
03 Sea Song
04 New York
05 Sattellites
Doves - 2002/10/28 Rock City, Nottingham, England06 Catch The Sun
07 The Last Broadcast
08 Caught By The River
09 The Man Who Told Everything
10 Here It Comes
11 Space Face

LOCATION / VENUENottingham City Rock DATE28–10–02


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they are called Doves.

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