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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bjork - Lil' Bjork

BjorkBj?rk's musical career began when she was 11, studying classical piano in elementary school. One of her instructors sent a recording of Bj?rk singing Tina Charles' song "I Love to Love" to RúV, then the only radio station in Iceland. The recording was broadcast on radio nationally; after hearing it, a representative of the record label Fálkinn contacted Bj?rk with a record contract offer. She recorded her eponymous debut in 1977, with the help of her stepfather, who played guitar. This album featured several Icelandic children's songs and covers of popular songs such as the Beatles' "The Fool on the Hill", sung in Icelandic. The album went platinum in Iceland, and is now a highly sought-after collectors item ometimes reaching prices ranging from $100 to $700!. It was never officiallt released on CD! There are bootlegs in CD format, and people often mistake them for an original release, but the original is only available in LP & MC format. Since 2000, there are also bootleg vinyls circulating. You can tell if it is a bootleg by the text "limited to 1000 copies" written on the backside in white text. The original does NOT contain this text. The vinyl bootleg shouldn't be sold for more than $20-$25.

Side A:
01. Arabadrengurinn (05:00)
02. Búkolla (03:16)+
03. Alta Mira (02:30)
04. Jóhannes Kjarval (02:15)++
05. Fúsi Hreindyr (03:27)

Side B:Bj?rk - Bj?rk
01. Himnaf?r (02:32)
02. óliver (02:47)
03. álfur út úr hól (03:04)+++
04. Músastiginn (02:44)
05. B?nin (02:00)


+ To the tune of "Your Kiss Is Sweet" by Stevie Wonder and Syreeta Wright. ++ Written and performed by Bj?rk herself on flute as a tribute to an Icelandic artist.+++ To the tune of "The Fool On The Hill" by The Beatles.


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