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Thursday, March 15, 2007

the Who - Demos For Quadrophenia

The Who - Demos For QuadropheniaExcellent, excellent CD realease from Japan on the Sunrise label published in 2003. Absolutely astounding collection of material, some of which has neither been bootlegged before nor shown up on any of Pete Townshend's series of "Scoop" material. First releases include PT - only tracks Drowned, Love Reign O'er Me. The sound is excellent soundboard. Only 5:15 suffers a bit from somewhat of a dull trebbly sound. and some "dragging". This track (Track 14) is from the 500th anniversary broadcast of the British TV show Top of The Pops on October, 3, 1973. The Who were invited to play their debut their new single and were in form for the taping of this show. PT smashed the Gretsch "Chet Atkins" guitar that Joe Walsh had presented to him in 1970. Pete's guitar smashing antic was not included in the 7:30 pm broadcast the following eve- ning, Thursday, October 4th. The Who were subsequently "banned for life" follwoing this "incident". However, they returned to the show on March 5th, 1981 (The Who Concert File book, p. 153-154) This CD comes in a gatefold digi-pack and the art- work is very nice with a period pic of The Who on stage spanning the inside covers. See the back cover pic above for more details and also Compare with the titles listed above.

Actual Tracks On CD:

1. Unused Piano Theme
2. The Real Me
3. The Real Me
4. Four Faces
5. Love Reign O'er Me
6. The Dirty Jobs
7. The Punk And The Godfatherthe Who - Demos For Quadrophenia
8. I'm One
9. I've Had Enough
10. Bell Boy
11. Cut My Hair
12. Brr
13. Drowned
14. 5:15


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