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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Massacra - Nearer from death

Massacra - Nearer from death - cover demo tapeMassacra was a French death / thrash metal band that formed in 1986. After recording three demos they finally landed a deal with Shark Records from Germany, a label that unfortunately follows trends too much. After several successful albums they signed a new deal with the major label Phonogram. In April 1997 founding member Fred Duval sadly died of skin cancer at the young age of 29 which led to the demise of the band. Some members of the band apparently formed an industrial side project called Zero Tolerance in 1996 and released one album through Active Records.How to discribe their style?? it is Frenetic and urgent in its whirling collision of speeding objects synchronized to a tremelo strum just under the pace of a hummingbird; This music moves fluidly through phrases joined by abrupt reconfigurations of structure to form an inner narrative of changing shape motion reflecting the aesthetic and emotion of each phase of the developing piece. the Foundational in their influence on both rippingly fast death metal and the rising black metal genre, Massacra were among the first metal bands to give rise to classically-influenced structure in nihilistic music.

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