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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Styx - Chicago-bred band

StyxWorldLiveA quarter-century after their ballads were fixtures at proms throughout Ronald Reagan's America, the Chicago-bred rock band Styx continues to tour and attract fans who can remember rotating on the dance floor to "Babe."
Originally known as The Tradewinds and then TW4, the progressive-rock lineup that would become Styx formed in the late 1960s on Chicago's South Side. Original members included John Curulewski, Dennis DeYoung, brothers Chuck and John Panozzo, and John Young. Their first album, dubbed simply "Styx," was recorded in Chicago and released in September 1972.
Lineup changes over the years included guitarist Curulewski being replaced by Tommy Shaw in 1975, the death of drummer John Panozzo in 1996 and the semi-retirement of Chuck Panozzo due to an HIV-positive diagnosis in 1998. But the biggest alteration was the departure of DeYoung, first to launch a solo album in 1984 and then, after a few stops and starts, with his permanent dismissal in 1998.
A round of lawsuits determined that DeYoung can perform with the phrases like "formerly of Styx" while the band's actual name can be used by a lineup that includes Shaw and Young with vocalist Lawrence Gowan, bassist Ricky Phillips and drummer Todd Sucherman.

Track Listing:
01 - intro
02 - blue collar man
03 - grand illusion
StyxWorldLive204 - i feel good
05 - too much time on hands
06 - lady
07 - snow blind
08 - gowan piano solo
09 - i am the walrus
10 - just be
11 - 18-song styx medley
01 - crystal ball
02 - suite madame blue
03 - fooling yourself
04 - miss america
05 - gowan sing-along
06 - come sail away
07 - (encore crowd applause)
08 - everything all the time
09 - renegade - band intros - we gotta go

STYX - Live In Fort Worth,  Billy Bob's 2007

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