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Friday, March 02, 2007

Foo Fighters - Here we go!


HE IS famed as the "nicest man in rock", and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl did nothing to disabuse the crowd at Earls Court of that reputation.
From the start, the bearded, shaggyhaired Grohl was puppyish in his enthusiasm. Although it grated when he repeatedly signposted the chorus to My Hero by bawling "Here we go!"
Grohl also made a speech, which might have prompted a rush for the bar had it not turned into an amusing homily to his fans. He reminisced about the band's first London gig 10 years ago and, weirdly, encouraged sexual activity after the show.
The atmosphere suddenly turned celebratory and the band responded with a huge, declamatory performance. The singles Breakout and Generator were decent enough, but it was heavier songs such as Stacked Actors that showed their real power. The green lasers fired across the venue were pretty spectacular, too.
Grohl was the headbanging star, though.
He jumped off the stage at one point and ran to the back of the venue, where he played some riffs and soaked up the applause. But he could also do tender, with a stately solo performance of Everlong.
Grohl graduated to rock frontman after playing drums in Nirvana. But it is clearly still his favoured instrument, because he got behind the kit during one song and beat the drums furiously.
He then screamed his way through the finale of All My Life, getting a riotous reaction. Indeed, for once, even Grohl appeared lost for words.

Foo Fighters - Live at Earl's court 2005


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