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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Electronic - Twisted Tenderness

Electronic003Electronic was a supergroup formed by New Order frontman Bernard Sumner on vocals, guitars and keyboards, and ex-Smiths guitar player Johnny Marr on guitars, bass and keyboards.
The group formed in 1989 for the song "Getting away with it", which would remain their most famous composition. Labelled as an "on/off" project because of their tendency for long absences between releases, Sumner and Marr occasionally worked with other artists, namely Pet Shop Boys singer Neil Tennant and Karl Bartos, formerly of Kraftwerk.
Electronic was the most commercially successful of the many New Order side-projects; their first single "Getting away with it", which featured Tennant on backing vocals, peaked at number 12 in the UK and also went Top 40 in the United States and Australia in 1990. Their self-titled debut LP reached #2 on the UK charts, and went on to sell over a million units worldwide. Their biggest UK hit was "Disappointed", (featured on the Cool World soundtrack) reaching number 6, this time with Tennant on lead vocals. However, despite these impressive numbers, Electronic never managed to reach the popularity of New Order, The Smiths or Pet Shop Boys, and their second album, Raise the Pressure sold only approximately 100,000 copies upon release.
Electronic002After New Order reformed for the 1998 Reading Festival, Sumner returned to Electronic to record their third album Twisted Tenderness. The album did not return the group to their early nineties levels of popularity but was well received by the critics. Afterwards New Order reformed to record the comeback album Get Ready. Marr formed a new band Johnny Marr and the Healers and is currently a member of the band Modest Mouse. Since then status of Electronic remains a question mark, other than the release of the compilation album Get the Message - The Best of Electronic, released on September 18, 2006. Bernard nor Marr have not gone on the record with any formal dissolution of the band despite moving onto other projects.
This concert is the first electronic concert ever. They were Opening for Depeche Mode for 2 nights in Los Angeles.

Electronic00101. Intro/Gangster
02. Try All You Want
03. Reality
04. Get The Message
05. Patience Of A Saint
06. Getting Away With It
07. Idiot Country
08. Tighen Up
09. Soviet Flac

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