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Friday, March 16, 2007

The Stranglers - the beast of Toronto

StranglersLiveThe Stranglers are an English rock music group, formed on September 11, 1974 in Guildford, Surrey. They were originally called The Guildford Stranglers and operated out of an off licence in the Surrey town called the 'Jackpot' which was run by their drummer. Original personnel were drummer Jet Black, bass player/vocalist Jean Jacques Burnel ,guitarist/vocalist Hugh Cornwell and keyboardist/guitarist Hans Warmling . Hans would be replaced by keyboardist Dave Greenfield within a year. None of the band actually came from Guildford - Black is from Ilford , Burnel from Notting Hill , Cornwell from Kentish Town and Greenfield from Brighton . Hans Warmling hailed from Sweden to where he returned after leaving the band.
They began as a sinister sounding, hard-edged pub rock group, but eventually branched out to explore other styles of music. The Stranglers were, beginning in 1976, tangentially associated with punk rock, due in part to their opening for The Ramones' first British tour. The Stranglers were also associated with new wave music as well as gothic rock, but their idiosyncratic approach never fitted completely within any musical genre.
The Stranglers have always excelled at live performances; it could be argued that the live arrangements of some tracks far excede the impact of the original, studio, version.

Toronto (cassette: soundboard, 90 min.) LIVE: Toronto, Canada - November 26, 1980
Waltzinblack / Duchess / Hanging Around / Baroque Bordello / Who Wants The World? / Threatened / Bring On The Nubiles / Tank / Nuclear Device (The Wizard Of Aus)/Down Under / Genetix / Dead Loss Angeles / The Raven / I Feel Like A Wog / Shah Shah A Go Go / Toiler On The Sea / Down In The Sewer / Just Like Nothing On Earth.


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