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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Fall - Sound City 93

The FallThe Fall are an English post-punk band, formed in Manchester in 1976. Named after the English translation of Albert Camus' novel, La Chute (The Fall) (1956), they are notable for their idiosyncratic and innovative music, leader Mark E. Smith's enigmatic lyrics and drawling delivery, and for their subtle influence on several generations of musicians who keep an ear tuned to underground popular culture.

This set was recorded as part of Sound City 93 which was a week long event involving loads of bands playing at loads of venues across a chosen City. 1993 was the turn of Sheffield and just as they had been the previous year in Norwich, The Fall were invited to play. Unfortunatly this is not the full set but it's as much as was broadcast on the radio.
Mark E Smith - Vocals
Craig Scanlon - Guitar
Stephen Hanley - Bass
Simon Wolstencroft - Drums
Dave Bush - Keyboards
The Fall - Sound City 7/4/1993

1. Intro
2. Why Are People Grudgeful
3. Ladybird Green Grass
The Fall - Sound City 7/4/19934. Glam Racket
5. Free Range
6. I'm Going To Spain
7. The League Of Bald Headed Men
8. Lost In Music


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