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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Krisiun - Conquering North America

Krisiun -  Conquering North AmericaKrisiun is a brutal death metal band from Brazil, formed in 1990 in Rio Grande do Sul. The band is heavily influenced by the debut albums of Morbid Angel and Slayer. They released two demos and then moved to Sao Paulo. The Unmerciful Order EP established the band as a cult act, which they confirmed by the release of their debut album Black Force Domain in 1995. The succeeding albums continued to improve their brutal and uncompromising approach to death metal.
All three band members are brothers, although one uses his mother's surname. The original line-up has been maintained throughout the band's history, however, they had an additional guitarist (Nogueira) a short time before their first full length album.
The name derives from what is purported to be the Latin for 'seer of abomination', as opposed to from a sea on the moon which is widely wrongly believed to be the case.
What is posted here is a rare live album from the brazilian trio and it's a doosey. For you that haven't heard Krisiun's music before, “let me educate you” some more: THE FASTEST, HEAVIEST, AND MOST BRUTAL MUSIC HAS COME FROM THIS BAND. Get the picture? there' only a thousand copies of this release. Krisiun -  Conquering North America002The first seven tracks are form the first and the band does a great job of capturing their talent. Just listen to the drummer- this dude never stops! Constant blast beats- and to think that some people thought that these guys used a drum machine! The guitarist (Moyses, older brother to the drummer Max) layes down some of the most sick, brutal fast riffs. The screamer,Alex (also on bass) sounds way more brutal live. The whole band just fuckin' blows every other band away! The second show... um... it wasn't the band, it was how the show was recorded. It seems as if someone fucked up with the recording equipment which is a fuckin' shame 'cause they have 5 different tracks on the setlist. even though the last half of the disc is all fucked up the first half sounds great.

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