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Monday, May 25, 2009

From Boston, Massachusetts, we are Morphine at your service

Morphine_1Morphine was formed in 1989 by bassist/vocalist Mark Sandman, who had previously played with the bluesy alternative rock band Treat Her Right, and saxophonist Dana Colley, a former member of the local Boston group Three Colors. Sandman and Colley asked drummer Jerome Deupree to join the group and complete the initial lineup.
Sandman's primary instrument was a two-string bass guitar (with both strings usually tuned to the same note) played with a slide (though on the group's records he added touches of guitar, piano, electronic organ and other instruments). Colley played primarily baritone saxophone, along with soprano or tenor saxes, and the rare bass saxophone, and he sometimes played two saxes at once, a la Roland Kirk; he also played occasional percussion, and dobro on a B-side.
Cure for Pain, released in 1993, increased the band's audience outside of New England, and singles like "Thursday" and "Buena" picked up some college radio play. "Sheila" and "In Spite of Me" were prominently featured on the soundtrack of the 1994 film Spanking the Monkey. The music video for "Buena" was featured in a 1999 episode ("Boca") of the hit HBO television series The Sopranos, a first for the television series. "Have a Lucky Day" was featured in the 1997 film "Nothing to Lose."
The band toured extensively in support of the album in the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia, bringing an international audience to their next Ryko release in 1995, Yes.

This recording is a 3 track extract from their Transmusicale de Rennes concert. The master is a promo tape called Morphine Trans' live 93 issued with an issue the French NME: rock and folk. 1500 copies were printed. The original show was taped for France Inter Bernard Lenoir radio show. If I am not wrong it was broadcasted on this show around Xmast 2003. You can all cry out loud that it is too short but it is great music!!

Morphine Trans' live 93

LOCATION / VENUERennesTransmusicalesDATE1993

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