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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Scratch Perverts - Perverted Allies

Scratchperverts001The Scratch Perverts are Tony Vegas, Prime Cuts and Plus One, undoubtedly three of the best turntablists in the world. They won the DMC World Mixing Championships after fierce competition in New York two years ago. At the same event Tony Vegas came second in the individual World Championship. Not to be outdone, Prime Cuts went to Hawaii and won the ITF World Scratching Champion award in 1999 and then repeated the feat in 2000. In 1999, they took out the DMC world champion team title with DJ Craze and The Allies, reclaiming the title in 2001 under the moniker of The Perverted Allies.
The trio are about far more than battling for trophies, however. Formed by Tony Vegas in the mid nineties, The Scratch Perverts quickly became the UK's premier crew expanding to an eight strong team that included names like First Rate and Mr Thing. It was only at the beginning of last year that they decided to slim back down to the original members. This was partly done to keep the name synonymous with the absolute highest standards and partly because this year will finally see the Scratch Perverts record their debut album which was always going to be a Tony Vegas / Prime Cuts / Plus One project.
As DJs they have toured all over the world and played with many of the great American teams. Their DJ sets bring in much more than hip hop, bringing together many strands of breakbeat with rare soul and funk tracks dropped into the mix. Unlike many other top turntablists they employ their phenomenal skills to aid dancefloor satisfaction rather than just a 'look at me' attitude. With six residencies in the UK alone including London's top club, Fabric, The Scratch Perverts are guaranteed party rockers.

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