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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

World Of mouth feat. DJ Cheese - Old School pionneer

Dj cheeseDj Cheese is usually considered as an important character in the world of turntablism. Effectively, his winning set from the UK Disco Mix Club (DMC) 1988 competition set incorporated scratching, which initiated this totally different approach of Dj'ing. Eventually, his innovation modified the whole meaning of dj battles, turning the DMC into a competition strictly focused on turntablism (mainly scratching and beat juggling), which had a significant impact on people, helping them to perceive turntablists as musicians.

In 1986 Dj Cheese, Original G and KMC aka Dj Cheese and Worrd of mouth recorded two sessions for UK radioOne was for dave pearce’s fresh start to the week. The other was for Mike allen’s army on manouvers. This recording is a compilation of the best bits of each session.

1 - Live in London 1986Ukfresh86
2 - DMC finals 1986
3 - Live at UK FRESH 1986

World Of mouth feat. DJ Cheese - Old School pionneer

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