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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bruce Springsteen & the Seeger band - Live in Holmdel 25-06-06


01 he American Land
02 John Henry
03 O Mary Don' You Weep
04 Old Dan ucker
05 Alanic Ciy
06 Long Black Veil
07 Jesse James
08 Long ime Comin'
09 Erie Canal
10 My Oklahoma Home
01 If I Should Fall Behind
02 Mrs Mcgrah
03 Devils And Dus
04 How Can A Poor Man Sand Such imes And Lvie
05 Jacob's Ladder
06 We Shall Overcome
07 Open All Nigh
08 Pay Me My Money Down Bruce Springsteen & the Seeger band -  Live in Holmdel 25-06-06
01 My Ciy Of Ruins
02 Ramrod
03 You Can Look
04 When he Sains Go Marching In
05 he Man On he Flying rapeze
06 Maria's Bed (Recorded 20060624 From he Lawn)

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Blogger ChrisMooreMusic said...

I have to admit, as a BIG fan of recent Bruce Springsteen songs, I haven't piked up the Seeger Sessions yet. I really do like cover songs in moderation, but I wasn't sure that I could go a whole album without a Springsteen original. Maybe I'll give it a shot...

12:26 AM  

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