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Friday, December 01, 2006

Foo Fighters - Live at Edgefest 1998

FFT001Concert Review by a Edgefest concert goer:

So I was at the Calgary Stampede, er, I mean, Edgefest (although, the Stampede was going on at the same time... coincidence?), in the middle of a herd, I mean, crowd, making my way to the rodeo grounds, ah, make that the concert grounds...

…I was beginning to fall into a soggy coma by the time the Foo Fighters hit the stage, but, goddamn, Dave Grohl's belching sure woke me up. All hair and snarling teeth, Grohl lead his band into an awesome, high-octane kind of set. Right about then, the crowd really began to go insane -- tFFT002here were random articles of clothing flying everywhere over the moshing crowd. A pair of jeans here, a combat boot there. The band played songs off both their albums (goddamn that "Everlong" song is beautiful) before tossing free fudgesicles at the crowd (how'd that ice-cream vendor end up on stage?) and setting a small fire on stage to finish off their set.

Live at Edgefest 1998 VIDEO

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