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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Immortal - Sons of the Northern Darkness

IMMOR002Immortal is a black metal band from Bergen, Norway. The group began in 1989 as "Amputation", a death metal band. Immortal's early full-length releases were of a traditional black metal style, but their acclaimed album At the Heart of Winter saw the band begin to experiment with a complex fusion of black metal and German thrash metal. The resulting sound was a style which characterized Immortal's later works. Immortal has been influential to many modern metal artists. Its founders, Abbath and Demonaz, have attained a legendary status in the Scandinavian heavy metal scene. Out of these many bands Immortal has arguably maintained the most occult-mysticism image and way of life traditionally credited to black metal.Their peculiar music style of melodic black metal has guaranteed them a spot on the list of the best bands in the history of the genre, and has most definitely triggered the rise of their albums sales, even though most of the albums, with the exception of Sons of Northern Darkness, are quite difficult to obtain in some regions.

Immortal decided to split during the summer of 2003 for personal reasons of the bandIMMOR001 members. However, in mid-October 2005, Abbath, Demonaz and original Immortal drummer Armagedda reunited, and along with Ex-Gorgoroth bassist King ov Hell and Enslaved guitarist Arve Isdal, they began work on a new project, dubbed "I". This new band entered the studio at the end of April 2006 to record their debut album and was released november of 2006. Demonaz will primarily be the lyricist for the band.

Live at Inferno 2003 – Window meadia VideoIMMOR005

Live in Kohln circa 2002 -2003

01 – Wrath from above
02 – Damned in Black
03 - One by one
04 - Tyrants
05 - Sons Of the Northern Darkness
06 - Withstand the fall of time

07 – Abath Flaming

Immortal bootlegography


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