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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Various Local Artists - JayDay Cannabis Festival 2003

From 2001 to 2004 Brockwell Park hosted the annual Cannabis Festival, or JayDay, organised by the Cannabis Coalition. The police reportedly maintained a low profile, tolerating the smoking of cannabis: GOSH!! I never saw that many dealers running through the park; Don’t walk on the grass smoke it!!! In 2005 the London Borough of Lambeth rejected the application for a further Cannabis Festival on the following grounds:
"While Lambeth Council supports freedom of speech and the right to take part in a legitimate campaign, the council cannot condone illegal activities such as cannabis use and drug pushing - both of which have taken place at a previous festival held by the Cannabis Coalition. Indeed council officers monitoring the event in the past were approached by drug dealers who offered them drugs."
In 2003, I was leaving literally next to the park... the sound of the live music caught my hear... I went sound hunting.... I have recorded short extracts of 3 bands playing live.. one is a rock band, the others were 1 reggea band - which makes the main part of this recording - and lastly one track of a live ethno techno act. Names of the bands are still unknown - please help-. Sadly I arrived much too late and missed a great folk rock band on the main stage.

Various Local Artists - JayDay Cannabis Festival 2003

LOCATION / VENUELondon Brixton Brockwell Park DATE2003


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