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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

880 South - Turn it up and rock it live

880 southThis 4 piece once known as the Floppy Rods rejoiced together to change the South Bay Area Alternative music scene. Combining the vibes of Reggae, Soul, & Rock N’ Roll. This infusion of music is inspired by artists like Steely Dan, RHCP, Sublime, & Fishbone. This foursome has toured with headliner artists such as Slightly Stoopid, Fishbone, the Expendables, & Bargain Music. The name 880 South is in honor of the name of the interstate that “Weege” drove everyday to practice and throughout most of his life.
In the late 1990s the Floppy Rods gained a party band reputation filled with wild parties, wild women, and good times funk! Formulating the sounds of Funk, Jazz, and Rock would mold a very provocative guitar and rhythm section powered sound! This formula would later help bind the chemistry for 880 South’s new style. Front man “Weege” wrote all new material focused on his reggae & classic rock influences. Before leaving for Texas, Weege would seek out former Rods members Greg “G” Medeiros(bass) & Steve Shyshka(guitar) to help structure the new songs. The 3 collaborated in 2004 with Kasey Cox on drums with the goal to record a 4 song demo. The 4 songs gained popularity on and led to a huge increase in website hits & comments from avid Floppy Rods fans. This was convincing enough for Weege to return to California in 2005 to give live music another go. In need of a fulltime drummer they brought back former Rods drummer Aaron Liebelt on who engineered the recording of the 4 songs. They reformed together as 880 South.
Throughout the last 9 years this band has matured into a songwriting machine that focused more on lyrical content, compassion, and inspiration. A good times vibe is layered underneath all of the emotion and sarcasm. Priding themselves on their sense of humor, clever wit, and the occasional love song, 880 South can still turn it up and rock it live! Last December they released a 13-song album titled “Beware” that was recorded at Aaron Liebelt’s “Street Noise Studios” in Santa Clara, CA. The album hit the Internet & stores December 7th 2006. Proudly, CD sales have reached across the entire United States & even countries such as Japan, Australia, the UK, & Canada. They are available on iTunes, CD Baby, Left Coast Boardwear, (Japan), Streetlight Records & Rasputin Records.

01 - Push
02 - Fastlane
03 - Sex On The Beach
04 - The Unknown Stuntman
05 - Extra MIle
06 - Baja
880 South - San Jose 29.05.0507 - Wassup Suckas
08 - Move It
09 - Tokadisco
10 - City Ditty
11 - Barrio
12 - Amigos Borrachos
13 - Good Times, Bad Times

LOCATION / VENUESan Jose  DATE29–05–05
NOTES:880 South at myspace


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Anonymous Weege said...

Right on. Thanks for spreadin our music. Hope you all enjoy. I also recommend checkin out our live video on


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