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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Benighted - Spiritual Manslaughter


Benighted's main influences include Cannibal Corpse and Marduk. In the beginning, Benighted played a mix of death metal and grindcore. Benighted's songs often are about psychology.

Their first produced album was rapidly recorded. It is titled Benighted, and contains seven titles reflecting the band.
Psychose is the second album by the band, more influenced by technical death metal. The group had some difficulties recording this album, however.
The third album, put out by "Adipocère Records", was more successful than their previous album Psychose. This album, titled Insane Cephalic Production, demonstrated a powerful sound and a more honest approach. In their return to the recording studio "Kohkeller Studio" in Germany, Benighted immediately go back to work and take much participation in the French underground scene.
The fourth album Identisick was released in August 2006, again on the label "Adipocère Records". This album is also available in Limited Edition, which contains a bonus DVD that features videos of concerts, and recording in the studio. "Icon" is recorded, mixed and mastered at the Kohlekeller Studio on summer 2007, this album is more brutal, groovy and effective than anything the band did before.

Benighted - Live In Millery 04-29-06

01. Bestial Breeding - 02. Identisick - 03. Mourning Affliction - 04. Collapse - 05. Stay Brutal - 06. Deviant - 07. Nemesis - 08. Running Man (Raised Fist Cover) - 09. The Twins - 10. Foetus - 11. Iscarioth ------ 41:30

LOCATION / VENUEMillery Salle des Fetes DATE29–04–06

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